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Is a FHA loan right for you?

Worried about a low credit score or not being able to afford a large down payment? With less strict requirements, a FHA home loan may be the right loan for you.

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Benefits of a FHA loan

  • FICO Flexibility: The FHA home loan has less strict FICO score requirements, allowing more people to qualify for a home loan.
  • Gift Funds Allowed: Gift funds are allowed for the down payment, which means your family can help.
  • Flexible Qualification: Requirements for an FHA loan are generally more relaxed compared to other loans.

FHA loan eligibility requirements

  • Credit score higher than 500 with 10% down
  • Credit score higher than 580 with 3.5% down
  • Ability to cover 3.5% down payment
  • Reasonable debt-to-income ratio
  • Home must be the borrower’s primary residence
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